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Polio-like illness hits 20 California kids

More than a dozen children in California have developed an extremely rare, polio-like syndrome within the past year that within days paralyzed one or more of the children’s arms or legs, Stanford University researchers say.

The illness is still being investigated and appears to be very unusual, but Dr. Keith Van Haren at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University warned Monday that any child showing a sudden onset of weakness in their limbs or symptoms of paralysis should be immediately seen by a doctor.

"The disease resembles but is not the same as polio," he said. "But this is serious. Most of the children we’ve seen so far have not recovered use of their arm or their leg."

But doctors are not sure if it’s a virus or something else, he said. Van Haren says he’s studied five cases from Monterey up through the San Francisco Bay Area, including two who were identified with the disease enterovirus-68, which is from the same family as the polio viruses. He said there have been about 20 cases statewide.

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Jfc, vaccinate your gd kids if you love or care about anything.

spontaneousmusicalnumber asked:

I really want to support the ACA, but a lot of the people in my school don't, saying that it would disproportionately harm the very poor. They cited numbers off of NPR's Obamacare cost calculator that show that it would be cheaper for someone with very low income to pay the fine for NOT having insurance than to pay for Obamacare. I can't find any sources to refute them. Are those numbers an accurate portrayal of the situation?


Um… kind of. If you pay the fine, it could be cheaper than paying for health insurance for the year. But that’s only IF - big, big IF here - IF you do not get sick or hurt at all that year.

It’s like saying it’s cheaper to own a bicycle than to buy a car. It’s technically true, but for most people the benefits of owning a car outweigh the money you lose by not biking everywhere. That’s actually kind of the basis of our entire economy: You pay money for something that is ostensibly worth more to you than just having the cash.

To me, the argument that anybody doesn’t need health insurance is wrong. It doesn’t matter how young and healthy you are, or how often you exercise and eat organic vegetables - you can still get hit by a car crossing the street. You can still get a staph infection. You can still catch a really bad stomach flu. You can still develop cancer or a mental illness or have a really bad UTI or slice your hand open while you’re chopping up the herbs you grew in your backyard.

That doesn’t mean all of those things (or any of those things) will definitely happen to you in the next 12 calendar months. So, yes, for some people, it would be cheaper to pay the fine than to have insurance. Assuming, of course, they had a crystal ball of any and all future health problems, so they know exactly when to buy and cancel their insurance. Which they don’t, so they should shut up and buy health insurance.

I would encourage you to ask your classmates whether THEY have questioned any of “the very poor” as to whether or not they want the Affordable Care Act. I think they’d be surprised to learn that poor people would rather pay a little extra over the fine amount and be able to see a doctor.

Let’s not forget that one uninsured emergency trip to a doctor can make even a financially stable person VERY POOR! Health insurance is a safety precaution, not just for your health, but for your wallet.

Aspartame In Milk A Possibility As Dairy Industry Seeks Approval




“The dairy lobby arguesthat allowing aspartame in milk would make it a healthier product and reduce childhood obesity by offering milk with fewer calories.”

Why is this necessary?  The only way to get consumers to buy more is to appeal more to our innate desires for sugar, salt and fat.  The food industry continues to trick our brains by further sullying yet another perfectly natural and wholesome product.

Pass the diet milk?  Gross.

Sometimes I think our country is going to hell in a hand basket.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

We are the real time sequel to Idiocracy: “Idiocracy 2: The Stupiding.”

I can’t even illustrate how violently allergic to aspartame I am. The last time I was accidentally poisoned with aspartame I had to do some rescue breathing shit so I didn’t have a panic attack at my desk while I waited for the effects to set in (which they did) and then had to take a sick day the following day. I want one of these assholes to come explain how this makes a healthier product.



thin privilege is being able to post a picture of ice cream on facebook without getting harassed

I won’t stop reblogging fat positive posts until shit like this stops. You do not get to comment on my body unless you are my doctor and I’m asking you how to lose weight. Fat positive is not about promoting obesity, it’s about learning to live (and teaching others to live) a happy, healthy lifestyle no matter your size.

That fills me with so much anger. This Rocky dude & people like him are so hateful.

Here’s a lesson in concern trolling. The irony of concern trolling is that it makes the troll look insecure. Nobody ever inspired anyone to make a change in their lives with taunting.

Think of it in reverse: I’ve always been a skinny bitch and whenever I’ve had someone drive by and yell “eat a burger” as they passed (yes, it has happened many times - people are both rude and unoriginal) these are the responses of friends & passers-by every single time:

  • "Someone’s jealous…" 
  • "That person needs to mind their own business."
  • "Throw your drink at them!"

Nobody ever thinks, “aw, that person is concerned that you’re getting proper nutrition. That was sooo thoughtful!”

It doesn’t work the other way, either. Openly judging people mostly only makes you look like a jerk, no matter what moral pedestal you’ve set yourself upon.

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