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I’m ready to die for the humans. I’m ready to die for positivity. I’m ready to be the poster. A lot of hip-hop artists don’t understand the position they’re in. They be like, “Bruh, I’m not a role model.” And me, I feel totally different. I feel like I am a role model, and we all are. We all role models. Without y’all, it’d be no me. As a role model with the power influence, whether it’s Twitter followers or friends, you always want to use your influence for positive things. Put down the guns. Please stop the gun violence. Stop the knife violence. The chemical warfare, let’s stop that. Biological warfare, let’s stop that. Who knows about hydraulic fracking? Let’s stop fracking! Hey, bruh, stop messing with the earth, bruh. Real talk, we hear about these deadly gases going on in the earth, and I’m like, whodie! For real. I’m like, whodie. Whodie, get that oil out the ocean, whodie.

I see what we’re living in. We were all born into something. You have to salute the humans before us, right. I have no problem and no animosity because we’re in a beautiful place. Imperfections, duh, nothing is perfect, but this is beautiful right here. This moment. We gotta be happy about something. Everything is not going to be right, but we gotta be happy about something right now. It’s continuous life living, continuous rotations of life living.

Lil B, addressing NYU students

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