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No but I can just imagine a person bursting through the door screaming “I NEED YOUR HELP. IT’S A NINE” and everyone in the shop stops and all collectively goes “Oh shit” and the florists start working frantically while the man/woman just stands there looking scared as fuck while the other customers are trying to figure out what they did. 

that must be bad if it’s a 9 on an alphabetical scale.


I used to work at a home decor/gift boutique & we also did special event floral arrangements, but we weren’t a full service florist with flowers in stock all the time. Still, we were listed in the phone book (this was the old days) as a florist.

I could always tell when a husband was in deep shit. We would get a panicked phone call 30 min or less before we closed looking for a dozen red roses. Usually I’d tell them to come through & when we were mysteriously out of roses when they arrived I would sell them jewelry instead.

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how do we get her to congress?

The corn

my hero

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