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An activist from the International Solidarity Movement blocks IDF soldiers from shooting at protesting Palestinians in Gaza, saying “You’re shooting at kids, don’t you understand that? Just pull back!

SMFH… Disgusting…

Guys. This is a woman grappling with an armed soldier wearing nothing but a jacket.

I think we need to know her name.

Diana Prince 

this is why I wanted to be a war journalist. how powerful is this segment. why did it not make it on the news?

Because Western/US media supports Israel’s war crimes, just as the US funds and arms Israel’s ethnocidal regime.


U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel: $121 billion since WW2 (pdf)

In reference to beets

  • Sara Bee:

    I still cant get over illingsworth sayin that

  • Me:

    he's ahead of the game

  • Sara Bee:

    Well right behind me ;)

  • Me:

    right right

  • Sara Bee:

    Learned how to make vinegar. That shit cray.

  • Me:

    oh yeah? I'm into vinegar as a lifestyle

  • Sara Bee:

    Vinegar is real as fuuuh. First I have to ferment beet juice then you can make vinegar but you have to have a "mother". Look it up.

  • People hand down their vinegar mothers like generation to generation.

  • Gotta get my hands on a good one.

  • Me:

    mama v

  • Sara Bee:


  • Me:

    you know some foodie beardo out there is pickling hella shit

  • Sara Bee:

    Chyea. Pickling is like too cool now. the hipsters got it but idc

  • Me:

    makes homegrown vinegar easy to come by tho.

  • Sara Bee:

    Fingers crossed

  • Me:

    you need a classified ad in the back of the newspaper: iso vinegar mama

  • Sara Bee:

    Yes!!! Brill Cant wait for the voicemails to start rollin in

  • Me:

    way cheaper than being someone's sugar mama I'm sure you'll get a ton of calls

  • Sara Bee:


SD Police Say Tazing 8-Year-Old Native Girl Was Justified, Family Sues


The Chief of Police justifies the use of a tazer on an 8 year old girl by saying they could have used their guns or batons, essentially. What restraint.

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